Visit New Zealand and Try These Popular Adventure Activities

The rugged beauty of New Zealand is also the perfect backdrop for some of the world’s most exciting adventure activities. If you like an action-packed holiday, then you have your pick when you visit this country. Here are some of the well-known ones you can choose from.

1. Bungy-Jumping

No adrenaline-seeking visitor to New Zealand misses out on the bungy jumping opportunities (yes, they spell bungee like that in NZ). There are also very few that offer wonderful scenery. The one in Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown was also instrumental in transforming this activity from being an unknown activity in Vanuatu to becoming one of the most heart-racing jumps in the world.

Visitors can also choose to take plunge in the Sky Tower and Harbor Bridge in Auckland, as well as Lake Taupo, where you can touch the water during your jump.

2. Roped Adventures

The Nevis Swing is another New Zealand invention that will make your heart race. Queenstown is where you find the biggest rope swing in the world, at a height of 439.6 feet or 134 meters. Newbies can also try doing this in tandem.

Another rope-based activity is ziplining, which can be done in the Waiheke Island forests, giving you a view of the magnificent Auckland Harbour. For a more thrilling, 3-hour adventure, you can head over to Rotorua. You can also try out the steepest ziplines ever in Bob’s Peak in Queenstown. On the other hand, ziplining in South Island’s West Coast will not just make you whiz through the trees, but you might also enjoy the sight of some glowworms as well.

3. Canyoning And Spelunking

Crawling through the caves is not for those who are scared of closed spaces, but if this thrills you instead, then the cave systems of Waitomo should definitely be in your bucket list. Beyond the breathtaking limestone formations and the secretive passageways, you will also love the sight of the glowworms that live here.

If you prefer to be outdoors, then try out canyoning instead. The Abel Tasman National Park, Mt. Richmond Forest Part, and the Kauharangi National Park have exciting canyons to explore. Wanaka also offers deep canyon tours that offer everything from rapelling to hiking, and swimming to rock climbing.

4. Water Adventures

Surrounded by the ocean, you can imagine that there are enough beaches for every kind of watersport you want to try out. But beyond the sea, there are also lakes and freshwater rivers that are great for kayaking. A heart-racing alternative is jet boating in Queenstown, Auckland, and Lake Taupo. For a unique adventure, Waitomo Caves is the top pick for underground exploration and black water rafting. You can also get the rush of rafting down the rapids of Kaituna River and its waterfall.

5. Skydiving

Skydiving is another popular adventure activity for both locals and tourists alike but if you want to add a twist, then try jumping off the airplane and landing on the snowy mountaintops of Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in the country.

New Zealand combines beautiful scenery and exciting adventures that will give you the holiday of your lifetime, so make sure to try these out during your trip to the country.