The Best Time To Go Surfing In Cornwall

Cornwall is definitely one of the best surfing destinations in the United Kingdom. It’s the ultimate place for fun under the sun and with scenic vistas, good food, and warm locals, no time is wasted when you book a holiday here.

There is no shortage of idyllic spots around the Cornish Peninsula. There are the popular surf beaches such as the aquamarine waters of Sennen Cove to the brilliant beach breaks of Porthmeor Beach, you will definitely find one that matches your skill level and mood.

But when is the perfect time to go to Cornwall for surfing? Ideally, you want to start before sunrise and around sunset when there is swell in the water. If you are a beginner and are not knowledgeable in reading surf reports, you may also chance upon brief pockets of good surf midday.

Why should you surf in the mornings and evenings?

• The waves are uncrowded

Catching waves early in the morning means that there aren’t a lot of people to share the beach with. You will have more space to improve on your surfing skills. You can paddle out at dawn or sunrise and catch a few good waves without having to worry about bumping into many heads. If you are a beginner, you can get as much practice as you need at dawn.

If you are serious at sharpening your surfing skills, it is necessary to condition yourself waking up before sunrise to get a fair share of good waves in Cornwall. It’s also ideal to surf here during smaller days, a time period between big swells. Although you may not catch better swells, you can still have a super fun experience without the inconveniences of crowded lineups.

• Light offshore winds

The local wind conditions in the morning make for pristine waves. The offshore winds around Cornwall are ideal for beginners and skilled surfers alike. They soften the waves and make it easier for surfers to do tricks while riding the waves. Onshore winds on the other hand can be a disaster as they usually deliver poor-quality and choppy waves than can be challenging to ride on especially for beginner surfers.

The glassy and silky-smooth quality of the waves in Cornwall in the early morning and early evenings are great if you want to paddle easy and have a fantastic surf session during your stay.

• Start your day and end your day with an amazing surfing experience

It will be hard to leave the comforts of your bed early in the morning, especially if you had a rough but fun night at one of the local pubs in Cornwall, but a picture of clean and perfectly-shaped waves will give you that much-needed jolt of excitement to surf before the sun rises. A quick but satisfying surf session in the evenings will definitely increase your appetite before heading out to town for a delicious Cornish spread with family and friends.

Make sure to follow these tips to make the most out of your holiday in Cornwall.