Three of the Best Budget Luxury Resorts for a Honeymoon Adventure

Most honeymoons are spent in luxury hotels and ultra-posh accommodations here in the UK, in Europe or even the Caribbean. But there are smart resorts and super-cool holiday rentals in amazing locations all around the world. But if you want something more unique, something dreamier complete with access to crystal-clear waters, picturesque sunsets, and the greetings of aquatic animals and plant life at your feet, then overwater bungalows are the way to go. These private temporary havens can be notoriously expensive.

However, there are also those that are budget-friendly and still provide you with exceptionally warm and highly personalized service to make your honeymoon stay as memorable as possible. Here are 3 of the world’s best budget overwater bungalows for your honeymoon.

Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa


Located in the culturally-rich island of Siumu in Samoa, the Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa features 6 overwater bungalows with a sweeping view of the Samoan lagoon and the blue waters of the South Pacific. The sunsets are worthy of any postcard while the ocean air can be as invigorating as having a relaxing spa.

Each Coconuts bungalow comes with a king-sized bed, expansive decks, and soaring ceilings allowing for the ocean breeze to send you to sleep faster than your mom’s lullaby can. Then you are woken up by a gentle brush on your face come early morning. Whether it is frolicking in the waters below or simply basking in the sun on your deck, this is one honeymoon accommodation worth having for just a little under $700 a night. It’s not the cheapest, but it sure is perfect for that honeymoon hideaway.

AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort

For those on a really tight budget, you may want to consider the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort in Malaysia. Book a night or two for under $100 and you can already have an overwater villa of your own. Compared to Samoa’s Coconuts, however, the Sepang Goldcoast can be a bit crowded since it is actually a cluster of 392 different overwater villas.

The largest of these villas has 3 bedrooms which should be perfect for families. But since you’ll be coming here for a honeymoon, then the single bedroom villa should work wonders. There’s another issue. You really cannot swim in the waters underneath your villa. Nevertheless, the sound of water creating gentle splashes underneath your feet should keep your honeymoon really interesting.

Sun Island Resort and Spa


With a nightly price tag conveniently floating between the Goldcoast and the Coconuts, the Sun Island Resort and Spa is a great choice for those who wish to live the life in a tropical island paradise. Located in Maldives, you’re expected to shell out less than $300 a night in the off-peak season and under $500 during the peak season.

There are 68 water bungalows in semi-detached style as well as 358 other bungalows and island rooms. The overwater bungalows may be smaller than most but they are well-appointed especially their bathrooms. The private terraces give you an exceptional view of the Maldivean lagoon. You can also head over to any of the nine bars and restaurants as well as a large swimming pool with your partner.

There’s an overwater bungalow for every budget-conscious honeymooners. These are just a few of them.