More Ideas For A UK Adventure

When a lot of people think of adventure travel, the first place that comes to mind is a far-flung destination like New Zealand. The South Island in particular is known for offering pretty much any adrenaline-inducing activity you could imagine, including sky diving, bungee jumping, skiing, kayaking, and more. New Zealand is pretty far away from the rest of the world though, which can be discouraging to travelers holding out for the perfect place to complete their adventure bucket lists.

The good news, however, is the that there are plenty of more convenient locations ripe for adventure. The United Kingdom, for instance, is actually full of opportunities in this regard, and doesn’t get enough credit for it. The country may not be quite as exotic as New Zealand, but there are plenty of exciting things to do, and plenty of beautiful backdrops for the activity. So if you’re looking for a manageable destination where you can enjoy a few thrills and cross some things off that adventure bucket list, keep reading for a few fun suggestions in this area.

Climb the Miner’s Track of Fleetwith Pike

Fleetwith Pike in Cumbria

If you’ve ever wished you had the upper-body strength of a professional rock climber so that you could see the views that they do, look no further than Fleetwith Pike in Cumbria. There you can climb up the side of a mountain from the comfort of a ladder and harness combination that keeps you from falling. The experience is similar to a high ropes course, except that this one takes you above treetops and into elevations you probably wouldn’t be able to reach without the remodeled Miner’s Track. Some local tour companies offer both a moderate and an extreme version of the experience, with the former being suitable for nearly all ages, and the latter more targeted at adventure junkies looking to get their adrenaline pumping. Either way, this can be the perfect solution to anyone looking for a unique adventure activity that’s fairly easy to enjoy.

Play Football on a Premier League Field

Stamford Bridge football stadium

This is a different kind of adventure, but one the should appeal to anyone who is a sports fan. Football (or soccer in the U.S.) is the world’s most popular sport, with nearly every country participating in one way or another. In the UK, there are famous clubs, dedicated fan bases, robust betting markets, and entire websites solely devoted to tracking scores and player statistics to keep fans as up-to-date as possible. Given this national obsession with football, some stadiums actually offer fans the opportunity to play football on their iconic, professional fields. For people who follow these teams, or, again, just have interest in sports, this can be the adventure of a lifetime – a chance to feel what it’s like to play a sport on the ultimate stage.

Coasteer on the Isle of Wight

Isle Of Wight Cliffs

Once thing we love about the UK when it comes to adventure tourism is the somewhat dramatic coastline. The lush forests and rolling hills of the kingdom’s landscape make way for imposing cliffs overlooking crashing blue waves, making the UK coasts perfect for a beautiful adventure. The Isle of Wight is particularly stunning, and if you are interested in the relatively new trend of “coasteering,” be sure to make the journey. Coasteering on the Isle of Wight involves swimming, climbing, crawling through caves, and of course taking in the beautiful scenery along the way. You’ll also get the chance to do some cliff jumping with the help of trained professionals (meaning you don’t have to worry about shallow waters and rocky underwater terrain). There is one company that offers this experience on the Isle, and we love that they enable customers to do things they normally wouldn’t feel totally comfortable doing alone – like swimming right into an underwater cave!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of adventurous things to do in the UK, but we hope it restores your faith in your ability to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience closer to home!