Australia is for Thrillseekers, Too

Australia may be a country filled with laid-back beaches but it also has its fair share of intense adventures. If you’re a thrillseeker, you would be pleased to know that there is so much to do in the country that will keep your heart racing. Check these 6 things that you can do starting from the highest altitude to the lowest depth.

1. Skydiving at Mission Beach

A lot of people dream of skydiving but only a few have the guts for it. Imagine flinging yourself out of a plane and falling towards Mission Beach. It seems easy, right? Not until you look down and see that there is nothing that can catch you save for the parachute that will help you land safely.

But once you get out of the plane, you know that all the fear was worth it. Apart from your terror, you will definitely love the view from the sky as you look down to the beach.

2. Scale Down the Gordon Dam

If skydiving was not enough for you, then you can test your fears at the Gordon Dam. This dam is 140 meters high and it is known to be the world’s highest abseil. What makes this scary is not so much the height of it but the view when you look down. Just knowing that there’s nothing below but water can definitely test your fears.

3. Climb Up the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge might be lower than the Gordon Dam but it is not any less scary. Going up through metal pathways just makes you want to be extra careful and focused on your balance. Although you have a harness and safety gear with you, you wouldn’t want to slip with all the metal surrounding you.

But after two hours of climbing, you are rewarded with the full view of the Sydney harbour. This is a perfect scene, especially during sunrise or sunset.

4. Ride a Rollercoaster at MovieWorld

Looking for something that will make you scream? Visit MovieWorld’s DC Rivals HyperCoaster. This rollercoaster ride runs with a speed of 115 km/hr and it has a drop of 61 meters. Sure, you’ll be holding on well to your seat but the drop is so steep you would think you’re slipping off! How’s that for a ride?

5. Stay in a Cage Surrounded by Crocodiles

Now for something up close. Face your fear and stay in a cage underwater while you are surrounded by saltwater crocodiles. At Crocosaurus Cove, you get to meet the crocodiles up close. But don’t worry, they won’t hurt you unless you do something distracting. This cage has been dubbed the “cage of death”.

6. Swim with the Whale Sharks

And finally, go deep underwater and experience swimming with one of the most feared animals in the world. When you swim beside a whale shark, you will realize how small and weak you are and no amount of bravery can overcome the size of the whale shark. You can try this exciting dive at Ningaloo Reef.

Excited for your Australia trip yet? These are just some of what you can experience in the country. Go ahead and find your adventure!