8 Adventure Ideas for Differently Abled People

Disability should not be a hindrance to enjoy the available activities that can help in making the person see the world and bask in mother nature’s handy work. These physical activities can develop their mental potential as well as their confidence.

There are loads of adventure activities that disabled people can engage in with the help of specialist equipment and instructors. This insightful post outlines many. This helps less-abled people have a social life outside their family and connect to people outside their normal comfort zone. Here are some adventure ideas for the differently-abled people in our society:

1. Wheelchair Hiking

Some parks created wheelchair-accessible trails that have smoother and wider paths. This is to encourage persons who use a wheelchair to have an excursion in these areas and be able to see the beauty of their surroundings.

2. Paddling or Canoeing and Kayaking

People of all abilities have enjoyed the sport of paddling. Being out in the water can help people with disabilities feel a sense of newfound independence as they paddle their way in a lake, river, or stream. Kayaks can be used as these water equipment are stable in calm waters.

There are available adaptive paddling gears especially made for people with disabilities that can be comfortable to use. Paddling activities using kayaks and canoes can be outfitted with outriggers to give it more stability. Paddling can make people with disabilities feel as though their conditions no longer exist as they focus more on the activity in front of them.

3. Adaptive Diving

Adaptive diving for people with disabilities can be another adventure to try. This beneficial activity helps burn calories as well as improves the cardiovascular and respiratory condition of the body. Diving will allow the physically disabled person to exercise the entire range of their muscles and be a part of an activity that promotes collaboration and teamwork.

4. Sailing

disabled sailing

Sailing is another activity that is open to people of all abilities thanks to watersports centres and sailing schools with the right equipment and experience. One accessible watersports centre is the one operated by Trevassack Holidays in Cornwall. Here they specialise in watersports holidays for families with disabled children or adults, and they have specially adapted dinghies for teaching people of all abilities to sail.

5. Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Both hang gliding and paragliding are performed in a tandem mode where a person with a disability is paired with a professional that helps them experience flying in the air.

6. Camping

Accessibility camping is now available in different campgrounds and will allow you to reserve in advance. You can check in the amenities provided by the camp before deciding to check the terrains and locate the area that can best accommodate the needs of a differently-abled person. You can also check if there are accessible toilets and restrooms available.

7. Nature Walks

This is a simple yet enjoyable activity regardless of age and disability. Basking outside in the sun and seeing the beauty of nature whether trotting or in a wheelchair can be one of the best outdoor activities there is. You can do many activities like bird watching, observing insects, and identifying plants and trees. Therapeutic horseback riding can also be added together with fishing and swimming.

8. Group Activities

Holistic activities like gardening, exercise classes, bowling, dancing can add more spark to the daily activities of a person with a disability. These varied exercises promote fun as well as enhance the social life of the person. Adaptive and organized recreational activities like horseback riding and skiing can also enhance the quality of life of the person. After all, some adventure sports or activities are not incompatible with disability.

For more ideas on accessible things to do for people with mixed abilities, see this excellent guide on days out tips for disabled people and their families from Scope UK.