Coasteering – An activity for everyone

Coasteering is a somewhat new activity that attracted a lot of attention from extreme sports enthusiasts. This was a put-off for many outdoor-liking individuals as they thought that this is a dangerous activity and they didn’t want anything with it. But that is wrong because this activity is for everyone.

It was invented in Wales by surfers that wanted another adrenaline activity that was tied to the sea. This “sport” involves traversing hard coastal line either by walking on narrow paths or swimming. Both of these are necessary as the coastline changes from traversable to non-traversable terrain on a constant basis.

post1aWhat is coasteering all about?

Coasteering involves several different elements that include walking, swimming and jumping. Many people were put-off from it because they thought that it consists of a lot of jumping in the water. And those that introduced this activity presented it that way. But jumping off the cliffs into the sea is just one small part of this activity.

The majority of a trip is on foot along the coast of the place. This isn’t just a stroll as walking is done along the cliff that can be quite tricky and steep. This is why you need a helmet as you might slip and fall. The advantage of falling is that you will end up in the water rather than on something hard.

post1bParticipants will get diving gear that preserves heat from the body even if you jump in the cold water. This is essential as the journey usually starts with a jump into the sea. You exit the sea and start the walk along the cliff. Jumping in the water at the later stages is necessary only if there isn’t a traversable path. Swimming is also just a small part of the whole experience, and you will only swim when there isn’t any access to the shore. Guides will make sure that it is kept to the minimum.

Into the wild

The point of this activity is to go out and experience the nature in a way you couldn’t experience it before. Don’t be afraid and contact us and book a place on one of the coasteering tours we offer.